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A golden opportunity to get about $240 Million for your Commercial Project Funding just by investing minimum $50,000. You get BG of $400M. We monetize it at 60% LTV. It means you can get $240M. If you want we can pay your BG cost 10+3 and Monetizer Intermediary will take 2%. All these Bank and Intermediary Fees can be deducted from your Monetized amount o $240M. You will get cash remittance of 60-10-3-2=45%=Net $204% to your Account by the Monetizer bank, Deutshe Bank, Spain, just by investing a meager risk-free $50,000 to Provider Lawyer Account in Indonesia,

This facility is now available temporarily and may be withdrawn any moment.

International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) and all the Primary and Secondary Banks of the world are issuing Bank Guarantees worth billions of dollars every month in order to finance and promote several development and business-expansion projects in the world. You have visited our Website with the intention to get financing for your development and business-expansion projects.

Our Monetizing facilities are for supporting above purpose and to fulfill above requirement of international finance. We provide documented interestless, Non-Recourse (No-Payback) Loans against BGs or SBLCs issued by Top 25 Banks. It is not our solicitation, rather information of the procedure for those who have genuine projects and are eager to get financing for them.

Our LTV is 60%. If you want us to Monetize, you just send us MT799 Pre-Advice. You can get it by paying 0.0125% Transmission Fee of SBLC face-value amount or minimum $50,000 to our Provider. You can get a BG/SBLC of $400M by paying Transmission charges of Issuing Bank.When our Monetizer, a separate entity other than our Provider, receives it, Monetizer will reply it by MT799 to Provider of SBLC. Then Provider will send SBLC through any Top Bank to our Monetizer. We monetize it at 60% LTV, i.e.$240 Million in case of a $50M BG or SBLC. Thus we will pay 10+3=13% to Provider and to his Intermediaries and pay balance 60-13=47% to you.

Please note there will be no guarantee of your $50,000 payment. It will be at your risk. You can go to the country of Mandate to get yourself satisfied after meeting him before paying any money. If you do not want to take this risk, send POF or BCL and BPU of 10% through your bank MT799 to our Provider Bank.

The Mandate of this Package has comforted me that everything is legally documented. I am forwarding this information to you simply because that you had forwarded request to me to get a BG/SBLC for Funding your Projects. You have visited my Website with the same intention to finance your required Projects.

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Hussain Khan, M. A., Tokyo

Skype ID:hkhanjp